Unpaved’s Best Australian Releases of 2014

Whatever the debates have been about music streaming in 2014, it’s proven to be an incredibly fruitful year in Australian roots, country and folk. Rather than rank these releases from most to least favoured, we’ve listed them alphabetically by artist name. What’s important to us is that music lovers know what’s out there so you can make up you own minds. Each of these releases highlights the strength of songwriting, production, musicianship and commitment to the art form and the list is overwhelmingly comprised of independent artists. Were it not for local gigs, community radio and the web, we may never have heard of them. So we hope you enjoy and savour this handpicked selection of inspired Australian releases from the artists that have done us proud. 2015 promises to be another great year, so be sure to stay in touch with Unpaved and let’s keep sharing the good stuff.

Bad Habits, Worse Luck – The Bakersfield Glee Club

Winter Pick – Justin Bernasconi

Broads – Broads

When We Were Young – Cat Canteri

No Damage EP – Darren Cross

Wanderlust – Davidson Brothers

Idyllwild – Mia Dyson

Eaten By Dogs – Eaten By Dogs

The River Runs North – Caitlin Harnett

The Daylight Express – Tobias Hengeveld

Misdiagnosed – Harry Hookey

Laura Jean – Laura Jean

Too Much Water In the Boat – Charles Jenkins & The Zhivagos

I Live A Lot In My Head These Days – Jeff Lang

Word Got Out – Jep and Dep

Be Brave – Little Foot

Waiting on the Last Minute – The Livingstone Daisies

Nobody Ever Leaves – Tracy McNeil

King of the Crystal Mountain – Jo Meares

Jumping on the Highwire – Perch Creek

Wounded Bird – Rob Snarski

Aloha Au Revoir (EP) – Emilee South

Gon’ Boogaloo – CW Stoneking

Stray Hens – Stray Hens

Live at The Yarra – Liz Stringer

Greetings from Goodbye – Sweet Jean

Emma Swift – Emma Swift

All the Wandering – The Yearlings

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Hell’s Half Acre (EP) – Gretta Ziller

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