Unpaved Songwriter Sessions 2022 Relaunch Announcement

Unpaved Sessions 1

When I was a child, my family would gather every Thursday night at my grandparent’s hardware store and residence in Rathdowne Street, North Carlton. My grandmother would cook up a roast the traditional way and we’d share stories and laughs over the dinner table. The potatoes were always crispy and cooked to perfection. The beans were probably over-cooked by today’s standards, but everything was done with love in the spirit of sharing.

As of this coming Thursday, we’ll be initiating a new weekly ritual, feeding our souls with new, original music. The Unpaved Sessions have a new home in Richmond at POME, The Palace of Magnificent Experiences.

It’s my great pleasure to announce our first line-up featuring Luke Sinclair (The Luke Sinclair Set, Raised By Eagles, The Idle Hoes), Little Wise, Ruby Cannon and Champagne Jacket. As per the original sessions at The Old Bar, the songs will be performed in-the-round over two sets. Putting together combinations of artists like this who’ve never performed together before creates new possibilities, so no two shows are the same and it’s always a memorable experience.

This is about giving our music scene and songwriting community a good shot in the arm. Bringing fabulously talented established and emerging artists to new audiences.

For those who sign up on the night, we’re offering a special member entry of $10 (down from $15 full), which I encourage everyone to take advantage of. Student entry is $5.

One of the great things about POME, apart from being an excellent listening room, is seated service, so you can sit back and enjoy the music while being catered for with drinks and cocktails by friendly staff. It’s going to be a beautiful thing, so join the family. Your Thursday nights are sorted.



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