A Winter video treat from Hannah Acfield

Hannah Acfield

Blessed with an phenomenal voice and a huge dose of resourcefulness, Hannah Acfield is getting ready to launch her brilliant album No Light Without Shade in full band mode at the Toff in Town with support from Kerryn Fields.

This brand new video is the perfect foretaste for what’s in store.

‘Having grown up in Queensland, winter in Melbourne can be torture! Cold, overcast, dreary with short days. A Melbourne summer, on the flip side, is a CELEBRATION and the city comes alive in a way I hadn’t experienced before,’ says Hannah.

‘I sat down to write a song for my songwriting group and this song fell out, it’s a literal representation of  how I was feeling on a winter’s day.  In the chorus, I’m talking to myself “My dear this will pass, there’s no light without shade, no joy without pain”. I think it’s hard to fully appreciate the highs in life without experiencing the lows; they go hand in hand. Having finished this album during the pandemic, it was important for me to remind myself of that sentiment. I drew the title of the album No Light Without Shade from this lyric, it felt like a good representation of the songs overall and where we were in that moment.’

The video was created, filmed, hand developed and edited by Melody Woodnutt, Hannah’s flatmate and friend who shares exactly the same birthday, using a 16mm Bolex vintage camera on Ektachrome film. 

Hannah says “I love the colours of the film and the atmosphere it created. Using real film meant that we had to be specific with what we captured, unlike digital, we had a limited amount of film and could only capture 30 seconds at a time before the film on the camera had to be wound again. I love it, Melody did an amazing job!”

If you look closely, you might catch a glimpse of Hannah’s dog Toby.

Full Band Album Launch

Saturday July 30 @ The Toff with Kerryn Fields

Doors @ 7pm – Tickets $22 + BF presale / $30 on the door


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